Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Right Lotion - No Stick, No Shine, No Stink

The land of lotions can be a tricky one to navigate. So, we've broken it down for you. You can find any ol' lotion to slather on, but we recommend something that doesn't stick, shine or stink.

The Problem: Lotion Woes

1. No Stick:  Lotion as An Adhesive
We've all been there. It's a hot day, you're wearing a skirt, and you lotion up because your legs are so, so dry. Then, somewhere, somehow you're forced to sit on a leather chair. Before you know it, your perspiration has created a chemical reaction and your leg lotion and the chair are one. You're bound to that black leather until you can think of a graceful way to become nonstick. Classy.

2. No Shine:  Lotion As Crisco
This is the tale of the lotion that leaves you looking like a greasy mess. Sure, it might be hydrating, but it gets on your clothes, your friends, and your mother. You might as well have slathered on mineral oil, because your skin refuses to absorb this lotion. Your mom thought you knew better.

3. No Stink:  Lotion As A People Repellent
You don't want something so potent that people know you took the elevator to the 4th floor--3 days ago. You also don't want a lotion that reminds people of a retirement home or of their dead aunt. That would just be sad. Your beauty products should not cause depression in others.

The Solution: Epicuren After-Bath

So, what's a dry body to do? Is there a lotion that doesn't stink, hydrates, and stays with your skin all day, every day? Yes.

Yes there is.

Let me introduce you to Epicuren After-Bath Lotion. This stuff replenishes and hydrates your skin while providing an enzyme vitamin protein complex and antioxidants. Epicuren offers an assortment of fresh scents for this lotion (which we have) but we also carry their unscented version. The After-Bath Lotion is what we use in all our massage sessions and in a variety of of our premier facials. It's our go-to body lotion at Classique Spa and we absolutely love it!

Plus, Epicuren doesn't test its products on animals, it's paraben free and it's super safe for pregnant women and sensitive skin. Our entire staff has used the lotion, so if you want first hand reviews, we'd be more than happen to share our two cents.

Happy Hydrating!

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