Friday, August 28, 2015

Skincare For The Eye Area
By Sharlean Windus

The skin around the eye area is delicate and quickly shows the signs of stress, lack of sleep and dehydration. As an Esthetican, I work diligently to assist my clients in achieving good skin tone, boosted levels of hydration and a just an all around bright looking eye area. Enjoy a sampling of my favorite tips to light up your eye area.

1. Never pull or rub the skin in the eye area. 
Use a gentle eye makeup remover or a professional quality cleanser to gently remove eye makeup. Look for my post next week on my favorite eye care products!

2. Always use an eye cream. 
Eye creams are typically formulated to penetrate the skin differently around the eye area so using a facial moisturizer is not enough if you want to see results. A good quality eye cream will work well but it will not do everything and you will need to prioritize your eye area goals. Some eye creams are plumping or hydrating, some are firming and toning and others are resurfacing or exfoliating. I personally like to use two different eye creams but depending on your age, the condition of the skin around the eyes and what you want to accomplish, you may only need one product to achieve results. Think of eye cream not only as a corrective measure but also as a preventative measure in protecting the eye area skin health and vibrancy.

3. Get as much sleep as your body requires. 
Sleep deprivation shows immediately in the eye area. Everyone's body is different and the amount of sleep you need will vary but if you have a poor night's sleep then try doing an eye mask to brighten up the eyes for the day. If you are having sleep challenges like getting to sleep or staying asleep, seek out a Naturopathic Doctor who can help support you holistically in achieving a slumber night's sleep.

4. Stay hydrated.
It is amazing to me how quickly eye area dehydration lines disappear when you get the correct amount of water you need. Try drinking a small glass of water in between your coffee or other daily beverages you like to consume. I love to boost my water with a squeeze of lemon or lime when I need to feel refreshed or a drop of peppermint essential oil when I need digestive support.

5. Reduce salt intake and sleep elevated.
If you are experiencing puffy eyes, try reducing your sodium intake. If you are not currently sleeping slightly elevated, try a larger pillow so that the fluid around the eyes can drain properly and not build up overnight. 

6. Apply a cold eye mask.
I always love putting a little eye cream into a small glass dish, placing the dish into the freezer for a few seconds and then applying the cold eye cream to my eye area. Its quite refreshing when you need that special at home eye enhancement.

7. Book a professional eye treatment.
Most spa's will offer an eye treatment service if you are already receiving a facial. This is a great way to give your eye area that special attention when you need it most.

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